The Federal Market is competitive

but with quality intelligence
you can make the right adjustments
to better appeal to Government Customers

GSA Advantage Optimization

Your pricing on GSA Advantage is by far the most important variable in the eyes of Agency Buyers. This service analyzes how competitive your pricing is currently, and generates a price list to make you the most competitive for your products on GSA Advantage.

Proposal Writing

We write or offer training on everything from small to large government contracts for any size business anywhere in America. We also have seasoned relationships with expert 3rd party contract writer associates who specialize in each specific area of business.

GSA Contract Services

Whether you are looking to get a GSA Schedule Contract, or modify your existing one, we can help. Our experience and processes offer simplicity and accuracy in preparing your GSA documents. We guarantee you get a GSA Contract in the end, or you pay nothing!

FedRocket Accelerator

(Beta) Bring your company from $0 federal sales to millions as quickly as possible. This proven process has the training, tools, and support necessary to establish your company as a major federal player without the long and costly trial and error.

Federal Market CRM

(Beta) Our system, powered by BidSpeed, offers perfectly tailored federal opportunities from every public data source in the United States. Then, we help you succeed at every step of the federal Sales Cycle.

Compete on GSA Advantage

Our output will include a suggested price list for you to assure your pricing is the most competitive. You will be able to adjust the prices as a GSA Advantage "Sale," or submit the updated prices as a Price Decrease Modification.

GSA Advantage Optimization


  • 1 Brand
  • 1000 SKU's max
  • Optimized Price List
  • Ready for GSA Upload
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Larger Projects (> 1000 SKU)


  • 1 Brand
  • additional 1000 SKU's
  • Optimized Price List
  • Ready for GSA Upload
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